Abba Forever Tribute Band

Abba Forever Tribute Band

Abba Forever

Just like real and wonderful for a night out singing.


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Abba Forever

ABBA Forever is recognized as one of the best live recreations of ABBA Live in Concert and theater audiences have long enjoyed this fantastic recreation of arguably the world’s greatest pop band.

A major milestone in their career was their sixth sold-out theater tour of Sweden, home of the original supergroup ABBA.

In their amazing live show, the unique ABBA sound is replicated with incredible attention to detail, using a six piece band of electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards and piano, drums and bass guitar. Two outstanding ABBA girls complete the line-up, adding the essential glitz and glam to a well-polished and gently humorous show.

The beautiful lyrics of Benny and Bjorn are sung in beautiful harmony by all six artists on stage. Dynamic non-stop choreography, stunning visuals, top-class musical craftsmanship and a full live performance ensure that the ABBA Forever Show captivates audiences as they take to the stage.

Full of excitement and exuberance, dazzling costumes and authentic lighting design, ABBA Forever takes you on a journey back to the 1970s; the show is guaranteed to get you dancing in the aisles.

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