Bouke became known on TV, but has remained herself. A wonderful singer with soupplesse and experience. He puts down a very good Elvis Impression. Very convincing. I want more !!


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Bouke Scholten grew up in a musical family and it was soon discovered that he had a golden voice. Bouke already started performing at the age of 18 and the audience also discovered the powerful, flawless voice he possesses. As a result, his star rose quickly and he became a much sought-after artist. Bouke was a guest in two talent shows on TV and that is how the rest of the Netherlands got to know Bouke. With his golden voice he effortlessly won the RTL4 television show in 2009 and at the end of 2014 he was also the absolute number one in the SBS6 TV show “The Winner Takes It All”.

In addition to these successful victories, Bouke went into theaters with his own live band, often supplemented by his own orchestra. With his theater shows, Bouke manages to bring the audience into ecstasy time and again. Visitors who have already seen Bouke’s show are unanimous


He was also received with great enthusiasm at festivals such as Kaaipop (B), Cult en Tumult (NL) and Retropop (NL). In addition to the many sold-out theaters in both Belgium and the Netherlands, Bouke was also a guest twice in a completely sold-out Ahoy as Mister Las Vegas. Again with his own orchestra and live band. In 2012 his voice and performance even took Bouke to Memphis (USA) where he was allowed to perform on the Graceland estate for a worldwide Elvis audience.

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