George Baker

George Baker

Price subject to change:

€ 3500, –

  • Tape act
  • Duration: 1 x 30 minutes
  • Sound: included up to 800 people
  • Occupancy: 1 person
  • Genre: English / Oldies
  • Can also be booked as a live concert with the band Tilt

At the top for 40 years !!

George Baker’s music continues to capture the imagination: his hits are used in popular films or commercials, or other artists record a song as a cover. Tom Jones, for example, scored a number one hit in England, among others, with ‘Little Green Bag’: he sold more than 3 million copies. And ‘Una Paloma Blanca’ was used in 2008 in the international blockbuster ‘The Kiterunner’. As a result, the single reached several charts again.

It all started in 1967 when George Baker applied as a singer with the band ‘Soul Invention’. It was during that time that he discovered his talent for songwriting. When the band auditioned successfully with the then record label Negram in 1969, three of his compositions were recorded. One of them was the legendary ‘Little Green Bag’, the band’s first hit, now renamed George Baker Selection.

‘Little Green Bag’ became a worldwide hit, reaching 5th place in the US Billboard Top 100. George: “We had a band, a hit with the world, but no manager yet.” Until Jaap Buys from Volendam presented himself. Under the leadership of the royal couple Baker and Buys, the GBS’s success was pushed to great heights, culminating in the 1975 single ‘Una Paloma Blanca’. Another world hit with total sales of approximately nine million copies.

Both ‘Una Paloma Blanca’ and ‘Little Green Bag’ are global evergreens to this day. Other big hits followed, but the curtain fell for the group in 1978, after selling more than 20 million records and many thousands of performances.

George continued solo. Big hits at home and abroad followed, such as ‘Rosita’, ‘Sing for the day’, ‘All my love’ and ‘Magdalena’.

George Baker is still as active as before. In recent years he has done hundreds of performances in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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