George Michael tribute Rob Lamberti

George Michael tribute Rob Lamberti

Rob Lamberti

In terms of appearance, Rob’s friends used to joke regularly with him .. They told him that he was actually George Michael. His vocals are Spot on !!


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Rob Lamberti

Rob Lamberti is a familiar face, so to speak. Having it has also helped him to have a very successful career imitating the world star George Michael and thereby becoming a pop star himself.
Not only does Rob Lamberti sound like George, his resemblance is so great that when Rob appeared on the TV show as George in Stars in Their Eyes in 1994, the program’s make-up department had to tone down his natural look before the transformation took place to avoid show already started to let you know who he would imitate.

“Believe it or not, it all started for me with karaoke,” reveals Rob. I was working in Northumberland at the time when Karaoke was emerging in the entertainment scene. One night an acquaintance gave me up to go up and sing. I can still remember the melody, and although it was Simple Red’s’ Holding Back the tears, I loved it so much that I got up every night after that night to sing. It was actually the presenter of the show who pointed out to me that my voice was like George Michael’s.

When his contract ended he went back to Lincolnshire , he loved singing so much but didn’t really want to be a star.

But blood creeps where it can’t go and when, on a karaoke show in the local pub, he sang some of George Michael’s songs, Don’t let the sun go down on me and Faith, he was quite in awe. When he later saw video footage with his friends, he and she thought it was such a success that his friends decided to find the right people to help Rob.

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