Tina Turner Tribute

Tina Turner Tribute

Tina Turner Tribute

The energy jumps off, just like with Tina Turner herself, the clothes, saw and dance are simply indistinguishable from the real thing. This is a Must See Show !!


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TIna Turner Tribute (Justine)

Justine has been singing professionally for over 30 years now and has worked extensively in theaters and on national TV, she is also a much sought after session singer for some of the UK’s biggest record labels.

In her early career, she could be seen as a dynamic singer in the well-known cabaret scene, and she could boast of knowing more than 5000 songs, becoming a human jukebox in venues.

Justine is Anastacia

In 2002 her career would change direction. After winning ITV’s “Stars in their Eyes” as Anastacia, her tribute show “Justine is Anastacia” was in high demand and she spent the next 6 years as her around the world. When Anastacia stopped releasing albums and her popularity waned, it was time to change direction again.

The fact is, don’t worry, this is a wonderful show.


Totally TINA

Having been told on many occasions that she really sounded like Tina Turner, Justine set herself the challenge of becoming the best copy she could be. But this would take some transformation! After hours of watching video footage, watching mannerisms and movements, making the all-important wig by hand, deciding which costumes to copy, chatting and listening to hundreds of versions of the same songs from different decades, Totally TINA was created.

As with Tina, dancers should be a big part of this and surprisingly, none of the band complained! A group of professional dancers were hand-picked, the choreography was based on Tina’s live shows and our own unique creations were made and the entire production rehearsed, adjusted and re-rehearsed.

“I have been myself for much longer than I am a tribute to an artist and it is sometimes strange to transform into my great alter ego. But you get away with an awful lot of being TINA!” Her pure presence, her energy, her humility and dyanamic singing. If I can’t achieve success myself and her fans aren’t too upset, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather pay tribute to. I have never thought of myself as an impersonator and in no way do I ever think I can replace Ms. Turner’s legend, but I hope if she ever sees the show she will put in the hard work and sacrifice we put into it. appreciate. we can continue to spread her name among her fans.

I always say to our audience at the end. If you only felt for a second that you looked at Tina again, our work is done “

Come say hello after the show and have your picture taken with me and the girls. Love “Jx

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