New Amen Corner

New Amen Corner


They are very versatile with their formation and have different tribute shows, ranging from the sixties and eighties, they are the Glen Leon band and they do a One Night show by Tom Jones.


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The new Amen Corner has emerged in recent years as perhaps the most popular band on the 1960s track. The band has an unparalleled ability to so perfectly recreate the sound and atmosphere of that momentous period 50 years ago when music sent good vibrations around the world.

The musicians of the New Amen Corner have an unparalleled musical pedigree and have been band members with the likes of Screaming Lord Sutch, The Symbols, Jeff Beck, Alexsis Korner, Roy Wood, Robert Plant, Alvin Stardust, Ruby Turner, Mike Oldfield and Jaki Graham among others. just to name a few!

The reputation the band has built over the past decade has seen them take to the stage with icons from the 1960s as Wayne Fontana, Steve Ellis, Cliff Bennett, Mike Pender, Brian Hyland, Chip Hawkes, Tony Crane, Peter Noone, PP Arnold, Chris Farlowe and Mike d’Abo.

The New Amen Corner has put together five different shows with varying reportoire:


Watch the videos to get a good idea of these pedigree artists.



The Soul Survivors have been Britain’s leading exponents of classic soul and good old Brisitsh rhythm and blues for over thirty years. Inspired by Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Sam & Dave and Wilson Pickett, the Souls deliver a perfect blend of authenticity and enthusiasm every time.

The show is completely up to date in 2020 and also features modern classics from artists Bruno Mars, Pharrell and Nile Rodgers. Available from a 4-7 piece band, you’re guaranteed an evening of floor-filling, foot-stomping classics from song one to the last.

The New Amen Corner has won the respect of 1960s music lovers everywhere, playing alongside some of the greatest artists of the era. These include Chris Farlowe, Cliff Bennett, Dave Berry, Mike d’Abo, Mike Pender, PP Arnold, Steve Ellis, Tony Crane and Wayne Fontana just to name a few! There is no band more qualified than The New Amen Corner to keep the tradition of 60s music alive.

The fact is, you don’t have to worry.

By faithfully recreating the sound and look of that period, Bringing on back the Sixties sets itself apart from all other shows. Combined with authentic visual accompaniment on the stunning big screen, you are guaranteed an unforgettable evening that will transport you back to the most iconic decade of all time.

Bringing back the 1980s is the best tribute to the decade on the road today.

Travel back to the era famous for big hair, spandex and the Rubiks Cube for an evening of non-stop retro anthems that will leave you captivated.

Featuring authentic costumes and instruments, this four-part, high-performance live show is a throwback to the synth-pop infused era that us humans like Duran Duran, Wham! & Depeche Mode, as well as the rock classics from Van Halen, Huey Lewis and Bryan Adams.

Don’t forget your leg warmers, it’s a guaranteed night of floor-filling classics from the first song to the last.

The Glen Leon band is a West Midlands pop trio starring members of the top sixties British revivalists, ‘The New Amen Corner’.

After countless successful UK and European theater tours and festival appearances, with the backing of some of the best voices of the golden age, including Mike Pender, Chris Farlowe and Peter Noone, it’s sure to say these guys are more than up to the job!

Led by the exceptional singing and guitar talents of Glen Leon, the band features the powerful father and son rhythm section of Dave and Jack Howson. Whether it’s beathits from the sixties, timeless pop from the eighties, indie classics from the nineties or contemporary hit parades, Glen Leon’s band has everything to make your party, wedding or party run with a real swing. .

Get ready to kiss and fall in love with The Boy From Nowhere!

This truly outstanding concert production celebrates the man, music and voice of one of the greatest singers of our time, Sir Tom Jones.

Along with West End Star Glen Leon’s astonishing vocal likeness and powerful range, a band of gifted musicians and excellent backing singers, this acclaimed show takes you on a wonderful rollercoaster ride through five decades of hits including; It’s not uncommon, Green Green Grass of Home, Sex Bomb, Fall in Love, Kiss, Thunderball, She’s A Lady, What’s New Pussycat and many more.

Exceeding expectations wherever it plays, My My My Delilah delivers on every level.

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Anthony Bennet – Motivational speaker


Anthony Bennett – Miracle Man – Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

Anthony Bennett is an inspirational and motivational speaker and gifted fundraiser who learned to walk, talk and talk again after contracting three viral infections at the same time.
After what many would consider a miracle, Anthony was given only a 10% chance of survival, but has made a full recovery, inspiring businesses, schools and organizations with his optimism and vibrant personality.

In 2006, after returning from a trip to Disneyland Paris, Anthony fell seriously ill and had to fight for his life.
The cause was limited to the air conditioning in the coach, affecting 80% of the students on the trip, but left Anthony with:

• 10% chance of survival after contracting 3 viral infections – Streph pneumonia, Influenza and Staphylococcus • His white blood cells were reduced to zero
• He had a seizure while in a coma
• He was resuscitated 12 times and brought back to life
• He learned to walk, talk and breathe again after 3 weeks on an Extra Corporal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) machine

After making a full recovery, Anthony was instrumental in winning a £ 7.5 million charity partnership between Whitbread PLC and Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity
He traveled the UK for 4 years to inspire teams to get involved in raising much needed funds for the children’s charity. The money raised went to the construction of a brand-new hospital wing that allowed the children’s hospital to treat up to 20% more children.

He was voted one of the happiest people in the UK in the Independent on Sunday’s 2015 Happy List, a program recognized by the Prime Minister for his efforts to enrich the lives of others and make Britain a better place .

Anthony is now an international speaker and inspires audiences worldwide.


With a very infectious and positive outlook on life, Anthony takes his audience on a pivotal journey of how he changed a massive negative situation and used it to spark positive outer ripples in his everyday life.

His subjects –

• The power of teamwork
• Dealing with setbacks
• Use and share your superpower
• Maintain motivation
• Resilience

For welfare related events, he will deliver a special talk entitled – A Sincere Thank You From an Ex-Patient

His previous clientele includes Network Rail, CIPD, BT, Costa Coffee, Whitbread, Premier Inn, Allocate, Beefeater and the BMA to name a few.
His speeches are an engaging account of the power of teamwork, with rich insight, honesty, humility and humor, combined with an image-based presentation that compliments his story and brings the whole journey to life.

The presentation gives everyone insight into the superpower they have, whether they appreciate it on a daily basis or not. Anthony’s thought-provoking sessions lift the hearts and minds of all listeners. What is your super power?


During the coronavirus pandemic, Anthony put his presentation online.

In his presentations, ideally suited for small numbers to make them more interactive, Anthony speaks about the importance of teamwork and praises the important work of the NHS and how everyone, from the nurses, doctors and cleaners, has helped save their lives .
He also related the experience his parents had and how they dealt with a very sick child. Anthony speaks about the importance of saying yes to opportunity and how taking leaps into the scary unknown can lead to amazing results.


Anthony’s engaging style and ability to tailor his presentation / personal story to the audience set the two-day conference at a high level – within twenty minutes, Anthony made the audience alternately laugh and cry and told an uplifting story about teamwork in a stressful and highly emotionally charged environment – and it was with the charity. The passion he shows in sharing his experiences, engaging and inspiring his audience, play. The feedback from the session was simply the most positive I ever have known ”

– Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare, GS1

Anthony’s presentation to the full cohort of 270 students from Year 12 was a real triumph.
Rarely can a speaker hold the audience for so long, but Anthony’s speech, his anecdotes, and his inspiring message about overcoming adversity were heard by all of our young adults with respect, enthusiasm and wide-eyed. I asked Anthony to return and would encourage as many other schools as possible to do the same. The change in people’s attitudes after Anthony’s speech was palpable and clear, we at Greenford High School are very happy to have found such an engaging and passionate young man. ”

Mr. Jones, Assistant Headteacher, Greenford High School

Since 2006, Anthony has been a huge asset to the charity. The passion he shows in sharing his experiences, captivating and inspiring his audience, was instrumental in helping the charity build a partnership of over £ 7.5 million with Whitbread plc The ability to connect with, inspire and motivate people to support fundraising and push himself towards personal success is amazing He’s so positive and a pleasure to be to witness the impact he has on people, involve them in fundraising and help them gain the ability to make a real difference to others. ”

– Tim Johnson, CEO, Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity.

We invited Anthony to our sales conference in Spain. He was really motivating and inspiring. A joy to be with and a great individual. Strongly recommended

Mark Pettitt, CEO, Kimal Group PLC

At our recent Pride and Practice event, Salisbury NHS had the privilege of hearing Anthony Bennett’s personal journey. This young man made sure through his story that we celebrated all the good things about the NHS, but more importantly, that we created the opportunity to reflect on our personal focus and commitment to be the best we can be. Thank you Anthony for helping us move forward on our improvement path.

-Cara Charles Bark CEO, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Everything went very smoothly and it was great to have Anthony with us to make it a bit more interesting and sure to inspire everyone! Everyone was very positive about him, so the result was excellent.

Coastal Group

The staff are still talking about the event and it seems to have had a real impact on them and how they see the organization. A special highlight was that you were there to talk to and get in touch with everyone.
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and for your patience and commitment to the staff even after the event ended. This represented a real touch of class and I think was completely in tune with how you came across that day. Your journey was extraordinarily powerful and resonated beyond the battle ahead of it, connecting seamlessly with the theme of the day that was – together.

Tower Hamlets

We have had many reactions from those present. He definitely gave off such a positive vibe from the stage and had everyone captivated, on the edge of their seats. He definitely gave off such a positive vibe from the stage and had everyone captivated, on the edge of their seats. He lifted the whole room and really inspired us to keep doing our best and seizing opportunities. Such a phenomenal speaker. I think what makes him unique is his positivity, but he’s so present and tried his best to find out what we do as a society or our goals in life. Allowing a speaker to take that time gave a personal touch.
Exeter University

Anthony was absolutely brilliant! He is probably one of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard. He spoke from the heart in such a natural way, it was like having a 1: 1 conversation with him and he involved the students from the beginning. Anthony’s outlook on life and the way he goes about it, which may be outside of his comfort zone, definitely got me thinking! It was a real pleasure to meet such a sweet, inspiring young man and I am sure we will be asking Anthony to speak again at one of our future events.

Northwest Skils Development Network

We’ve gotten some great feedback – here are the highlights:

• “Excellent – best event so far! Very inspiring ”
• “Simply inspired by Anthony, and moved by his story”
• “Excellent! A very fresh and inspiring speaker. Good to hear from someone who is so natural and free with their experiences and feelings. Just!”
• “I found Anthony very inspiring and great practical tips!”
• “Entertaining and inspiring – a great speaker and charming young man”
• “Found it very inspiring. It took me out of my busy day and usual routine, and showed me the other aspects of life that we should all be aware of and remind ourselves of from time to time. ”
• “Beautiful, positive, useful”


We really enjoyed meeting Anthony and fascinating to hear his story, also interesting to hear his thoughts on teamwork – we work closely as a team and listening to him strengthened our thoughts and beliefs in collaboration.
Janus Henderson

It went great! He’s a great guy! The audience loved him and his story, someone commented that it reminds us that life is just too short.
Swim England

Needless to say, Anthony was amazing and left everyone inspired to say yes and the courage to step outside of their comfort zone. A few tears were wiped away as his mother joined him in the front!

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Anthony was absolutely fantastic and he really resonated with the audience so we were very happy to speak to him at the event


Anthony was brilliant! Everyone was blown away by his inspiring story and I will wholeheartedly recommend him to my colleagues at other companies.

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