We did not have a good cell phone signal in the office and were looking for a solution. We found these at GSM Amplifiers.co.uk. A GSM signal amplifier was installed with 1 outdoor and 3 indoor antennas by a local installation firm and the outdoor antenna of the HI13-5S was installed on the day.

We are very satisfied with this solution!!!

The HIboost 5 band GSM signal amplifier

The solution for better reach in your business, or private home

The application for all our mobile phone amplifiers is to distribute the signal that is received outside via the indoor antenna(s) in your home, office, business premises and modern well-insulated buildings. With the aim of of course to improve your reach. The signal amplifier has an internal antenna as standard to notice a signal amplification of up to 75m² immediately after the installation of the outdoor antenna and with the possibility to expand additional indoor antennas with cabling. This solves your problem of poor reception everywhere indoors.

The HI13-5S is designed to enhance any mobile signal. Experience peace of mind when traveling or on vacation with fewer uninterrupted connections and clear calls when using ports where reporting is done via the GSM network. Maximize convenience by ensuring you can stay connected to your mobile devices.

The HIBOOST Hi13-5S is a perfect way to receive better coverage in your home and thus improve 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G voice and data traffic for all telecom providers at your fixed location. Your mobile reception and signal is internally reinforced with a ratio of 75m² without an inner antenna and up to about 500m² with indoor antenna(s). This is subject to conditions that the signal (-55dBm to 85dBm) is good outside your home, office or business premises. Your mobile phone’s battery will drain less quickly because your phone doesn’t have to search for a better signal all the time. With expansion possibilities present you have the choice between an Omni or Panel antenna Omni is a 360degree antenna and Panel is a 90 degree antenna.


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