If you are looking for a full evening musical program for your venue in Europe, cat-international is the right place for you. This booking agency has a wide range of acts and shows to choose from, including the Spicey Girls, Madonna by Jeni Jaye and the Taylor Swift Tribute by Katy Ellis. However, these three acts are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities that Cat-international offers.

Spicey Girls
are one of Cat-international’s most popular acts. These five talented ladies bring a spectacular show full of energy, dance and of course the hits of the Spice Girls. With their striking costumes and choreography, they are guaranteed to get the audience moving. The Spicey Girls are perfect for theme nights or parties, and are suitable for both corporate events and private parties.

If you’re looking for a tribute act from a music icon, Madonna by Jeni Jaye is a great choice.
Jeni Jaye
is a talented singer and performer who has mastered Madonna’s music and style to perfection. With her extravagant costumes, dance routines and live singing, Jeni Jaye knows how to take the audience on an unforgettable journey through Madonna’s hits.

The Taylor Swift Tribute by Katy Ellis is another great option.
Katy Ellis
is a fantastic singer and performer who performs Taylor Swift’s hits in an impressive way. With her live singing and beautiful costumes, she knows how to enchant the audience. Her performances are suitable for different types of events, from corporate parties to weddings.

In addition to these three acts, Cat-international offers many more possibilities for a full evening musical program. For example, there are tribute acts by Queen, ABBA and Michael Jackson, but also cover bands that play different genres and artists. Whether you are looking for an evening full of pop music, rock, soul or disco, at Cat-international you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

To book these acts and shows you can contact Cat-international via this website. The booking agency has years of experience in the music industry and can help you find the perfect act for your event. You can also contact Cat-international for advice and support in organizing your event.

With a full evening musical program from Cat-international you are assured of a great evening for your audience. Whether you choose the Spicey Girls, Madonna by Jeni Jaye, the Taylor Swift Tribute by Katy Ellis, or one of the many other acts, at Cat-international you will find the perfect match for your venue in Europe.


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