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blank SPECIAL ACTS are not necessarily vocal artists or dancers who perform solo or together. Acts can be made up of various artists of different genres or styles. Below you can see the different options that we would like to present to you.

SVNteen’s shows are shown separately, they have put together several themed shows and can also perform them in one evening. So this is actually Mix & Match with one group. This can save significantly in cost. So be sure to check out their shows below!

blankActs and Shows

By Acts and Shows we mean, artists who are not necessarily booked on their singing abilities but more for their other artistic skills. Consider speakers, magicians, stilt walkers, dancers, acrobats and comedians. etc.

Often these artists can showcase various themes in one evening!

blank Mix & Match

Is an opportunity to have several artists perform in combination in a full-length program

For example, you can mix & match Totally Tina just fine with Ed Sheeran or the Blues Brothers. But also add dancers or other acts such as a comedian.

The possibilities are almost limitless to create a full-length show with sufficient variety of genre and/or singers or bands.

SVNTeen Showsblank

The SVN Teen themed shows are made to meet all of your entertainment needs for any type of event or function. Our movie themes have everyone singing and dancing on the dance floor.

The Party Like… shows cover every era you can think of to take your themed night or party to the next level. They also have unique concepts that they are happy to adapt to your specific needs or location.

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