Pay in advance!

Why pay artist in advance?

Because that’s just the way it’s agreed with all the artist and management agencies.

Paying in advance is very common

In the booking world, it is the most normal thing to pay the booked band or artist in advance.
Many times this happens with the A artists and bands and the reason is really simple; the selling party wants security.

security for everything

With larger bands and artists, the stakes are obviously slightly different so they want security and will either send an advance bill or want the entire amount transferred prior to the performance.

Reliable booking

The deadlines in this range from 2 weeks to as much as months prior to the performance. The latter is the case e.g. performances by foreign artists.

Therefore, it is very important to do business with a reliable booking agency. After all, it’s all about your pre-paid pennies.


Booked band cancels. So what?

No problem; we will help you!

Always at the wrong time

Of course, it can always happen that circumstances prevent a band from playing or have to cancel.
This is very annoying but you do not have to bear the brunt of it.

Certainty above all else

We will therefore offer you a replacement band or act and this is not a problem due to our large network and artist database.


Book a band or artist last minute?

No problem! We like to think in solutions and help you find your band or artist.

Simple booking of a band or artist

Here you will find the most comprehensive selection of bands and artists.

Due to our large network, we can certainly arrange something for you last minute so that the party can go ahead.

Last minute artist or band booking

Email us or call our office at
Outside office hours, you can reach us at our emergency and weekend number

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