PETE LINCOLN (The Sweet, formerly of SAILOR)

Pete Lincoln

What an artist this is, fantastic! We experienced him during his acoustic evening with his band FRONTM3N! These can of course also be booked with us.!



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Pete Lincoln and FRONTM3N

An exclusive acoustic evening

Peter Howarth, Mick Wilson and Pete Lincoln are: FRONTM3N!
The three charming Englishmen became known as the singers of the Hollies, 10cc, Sweet and Sailor.
As early as the 90s, 24 years ago, the 3 exceptional musicians met each other when they first worked together as singers and guitarists in Sir Cliff Richard’s band, before each embarking on remarkable careers.

Looking back can be terribly sad, sometimes even deeply bitter. Not everyone who remembers is in a good mood. But when Peter Howarth, Pete Lincoln and Mick Wilson think back, a pleasant warm admiration spreads, which is also due to the fact that the three seasoned gentlemen do not think about their own, somehow lost childhood.

Strictly speaking, the trio could be described as a supergroup, it’s almost as if Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and David Crosby had joined together to form a trio. After all, each of them is or was the lead singer of a band that reached the highest levels of pop and rock.

It’s only been a while and none of the three were on board at the time, which doesn’t matter at all. Howarth is currently the lead singer for The Hollies, Lincoln lead singer for The Sweet and Wilson for 20 years 10cc. The trio has been performing together as Frontm3n for over two years now, which apparently makes sense. “It doesn’t really work on paper”, laughs Mick Wilson, “The Sweet are clearly different from The Hollies, who in turn don’t look like 10cc at all. The respective song material is also completely different. But when you play acoustically and add friendship, enthusiasm and love for music, the result sounds like everything was made in the same place ”. There are three guitars and three voices, “together it sounds like two hours with one of these golden age radio stations.” You involuntarily nod.


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