Stayin Alive – BEEGEES Tribute

Stayin Alive – BEEGEES Tribute

Stayin Alive

The best look a likes with high quality vocals and sound. Just really good and very professional, even the high tones sound the same as the real BEEGEES. So a must !!!!


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Stayin Alive – Videos

Stayin Alive

Stayin Alive is seen by many as the best European tribute band of the BEEGEES.

In sound and Looks.

According to The Stage Newspaper, “One of the most compelling and amazing tribute bands I’ve seen in my life.

Stayin Alive is the only BEE GEES Tribute band to serve the mustard with meals in a “live” set up.

Fantastic to watch and a joy to listen to, this definitive Bees Gees Tribute band, there is no equal.

The Band can be booked in different ways;

Trio, playback with tape, with their own 3 pers. Band or with an existing band on site.

They were recognized by the UK’s national tribute awards as The Bee Gees’ No. 1 tribute.

Jimmy Stanley as Robin Gibb …… Jimmy first appeared on ITV’s ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ as Robin Gibb in 1994 and went on to form Stayin Alive UK in 1997
Alan Leather as Maurice Gibb …… Alan joined Stayin Alive UK from its creation in 1997 along with Jimmy and the bands very first ‘Barry’.
Bill Howard as Barry Gibb …… Bill joined Stayin Alive UK in 2007 and became the bands 5th ‘Barry

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