Toni Willé

Toni Willé

Tony Willé

It is wonderful to go back to those days for a moment. Age counts but Toni’s voice is still wonderful to listen to.



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Tony Willé (Pussycat)

Pussykat was a Dutch pop group from Brunssum in Limburg. The band had four international hits in a row in the mid-1970s: Mississippi (1975), Georgie (1976), Smile (1976) and My broken souvenirs (1977), followed by a series of hit singles in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Mississippi was number 1 in 14 countries and had no charts in the US, the country where that river flows. Twenty-two records achieved gold status. The lion’s share of the band’s songs, at least 55, were written by Werner Theunissen.

She puts together a new show for the Dutch audience under the telling title: ‘Toni Wille, 25 Years After Mississipi’. People eventually get what they ask for: a show in which Toni performs all of Pussycat’s big hit successes. A true flashback to the 70s, with songs that everyone knows, and a 100% Sing-along guarantee and a big FEEST of recognition.

The mix of the ultimate voice and volume of Toni on the one hand and the popular Pussycat repertoire on the other make her Show a true happening!


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