The Spikes

The Spikes

Price subject to change:

Vanaf €2000,-

  • Band
  • Duration: 3 x 45 minutes
  • Sound: included up to 500 people
  • Occupancy: 5 people
  • Genre: Engelstalig / All round
  • Need a podium from 6 x 4 meters

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The “crazy Italo-Belgians with a skirt (kilt!) On” BOOK for your event, festival, fair, café or disco performance, kids event, original garden party, … or just on your birthday? Everything is possible! On request, we even put together an intimate living room concert for you. Fill in the form below.

The Spikes

© FUNtertainment!

The term “FUN-tertainment”, patented (©) by “de Spikes”. From wide sheep-field sounds from the Flemish folk plains to sultry, sticky latino -sounds. “De Spikes” are constantly traveling through the entire music catalog : a stew of the current HIT lists ,

It (hard) rock era from the 60s – 80s, the new-wave Eighties, it grunchy era and the I Love the 90s supplemented with it kinky disco Saterday night fever feeling. The Spikes repertoire is so broad that there is even room for it Schlagermusic , the better Dutch and Belgian song of life , French chansons and even music that has yet to be invented.

Still nothing wiser? No idea of what “the Spikes” bring? Those who have gone before you describe it as “… a very special feeling inside Topped with a thick sauce fun and Burgundian cosiness.

Let’s not forget to mention that “the Spikes” even serve the cooler-than-the-coolest-fridge kids with countless contemporary Dance medleys (think of international heroes such as “Ed Sheeran”, “Stromae” and “Bruno Mars” – but also local heroes such as “Lil ‘Kleine”, “Boef”, “Jebroer” and “Nielson”).

The Spikes have only one mission! Getting ANY audience in the right musical mood. Even for the little ones, “de Spikes” can make it – under the heading “de SpiKIDS ”.

Right away State-of-the-Art light show and sublime sound the professional team of technicians provides a product for every location EARgasm!

The Italo-Belgians even put together a complete Italian show for you on request. La vita è bella! ”

Videos of the Spikes

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