The Dolls are back and they mean business!

Nancy and the Dolls – formally known as the sex pissed dolls

The Sex Pissed Dolls, The Queens of Noise, will shock you, they’ll grab you, shake you and rock you They’ll mess you up, making your ears buzz and your feet hurt. The Sex Pissed Dolls – What’s not to like?

Nancy and the Dolls / THE SEX PISSED DOLLS – They’re back!

The band quickly gained a reputation as a must-see live band with a great set list and energetic musical performance that few could match. A hugely successful 2015 tour followed and in July 2016 they were asked to perform at the official after-show of the FORMULA 1 British Grand Prix with “Texas and The Feeling.

Their originality and their own spin on classic covers caught the eye of John Giddings, who kindly asked the girls to open the IOW Festival in 2016. After their incredible performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival, they were immediately invited back, this time elevated to the main stage to perform alongside Run DMC, Kaiser Chiefs and David Guetta. In 2017 the girls performed a number of shows and headline spots at festivals as part of their Avenging Angels Tour.

Initially, the band covered songs by The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Nirvana and many other rock and punk legends.

However, in 2016 the band diversified by writing their own music. Their debut EP “Maniac” was recorded at Real World Studios with producer Steve Brown (The Cult, George Michael and Manic Street Preachers).

2020 is a new chapter for the girls with the new name “Nancy and the Dolls” giving the band plenty of air play now. the girls are ready to launch a new tour with new material in addition to a new original single.

Great to see these girls again. Nancy will set your ears on fire and scorch your brain with her performance. She sniffs across the stage while peering into the faces of the crowd, she chases the crowd and confronts anyone who catches her eye. Love the Dolls or hate em, you cannot deny that they are undeniably entertaining, they have a magnetic appeal all their own, they are all fantastic, and boy, they can play their instruments!

The Band.

  • Nancy Doll
  • May Hem
  • Jilly Idol
  • Anna Key
  • Kitty Vacant


more information : Nancy and the dolls booking info

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If you prefer your entertainment to serve as background music, where guests can still easily have a conversation in the same room, then you might consider a smaller band of 2 or 3 people. But also a jazz / swing band, solo singer / guitarist or Rat Pack singer can consider. All these artists are capable of performing popular music, but in a more relaxed style.

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