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THE CHICAGO FUNK (EARTH, WIND & FIRE TRIBUTE)The team at StagePro Productions and CAT International wanted to pay tribute to the legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire. They found a great team of musicians who all had a love for the unique sound of this world-famous band. It was essential for them to maintain the authentic Earth, Wind & Fire sound and not create a persiflage or sound mix act.

The creative team was driven to get everything to perfection, from clothes to dance steps and even the highlights in the music had to be right. The musicians were just as passionate and wanted the Tribute act to be as perfect as possible. The goal was to make the show as big and American as possible, with the premise being that if you closed your eyes, it looked like Earth, Wind & Fire was in front of you.

To preserve and honor the distinctive voices of Earth, Wind & Fire, Dutch artists Nigel Brown, Clayton Peroti and David Goncalves were found. Then a fantastic band was put together with Danjil Tuhumena on drums, Henry Sopacua on bass guitar and as musical director, Jeff Sopacua on guitar, Dominick Amatsahip on guitar, Werner van Gool on keyboards, Danielle Gombert on saxophone, Giancarlo Morbeck on trumpet, Mike Hoomoedt on trombone and Dwight Muskita on percussion.

The Chicago Funk (Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute) ® participated in the SBS6 TV show “The Tribute – Battle of the Bands” and received a lot of praise from the audience. TV channels at home and abroad and casino resorts in Las Vegas have already expressed interest in this tribute version of the legendary original pop group from the 70s and 80s.

So get your 70’s and 80’s outfit out of the closet and let yourself be carried away on this musical journey to “the Land of Fantasy, Boogie Wonderland, In the Stone, After the Love has Gone and world hit September”.

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