When is a tyre suitable for your event?

They are usually the main entertainment, perfect for events such as:


For weddings, a live band can perform dance and listening music for several hours and also provide background music between sets, providing an all-in-one solution for wedding entertainment. Many bands also offer jazz or acoustic sets for your drinks, and solo guitar/piano for your ceremony and wedding breakfast. These options can help keep costs down, compared to hiring individual artists for your wedding day.


Usually bands are selected for this that have a wide range of music choice. Also, bands are often hired to accompany special artists. For corporate events, bands can provide walk-on music for award ceremonies. We also have bands that specialize in one style of music such as Jazz-Soul-Rock-Country.

If your party venue has a noise limiter or volume restrictions, many bands offer an electronic drum kit option that can significantly reduce the overall volume of the band.

If you prefer your entertainment to serve as background music, where guests can still easily have a conversation in the same room, then you might consider a smaller band of 2 or 3 people. But also a jazz / swing band, solo singer / guitarist or Rat Pack singer can consider. All these artists are capable of performing popular music, but in a more relaxed style.

More information about bands and an overview of what you can book with Cat International

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