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An unrestrained and energetic singer-songwriter who gets his inspiration from pop and rock music. His lyrics are based on real life stories, special experiences and a touch of fiction.

” MrMartin and his guitar will take the audience into his world of extraversion and optimism.

During the songs you will be taken reallife emotions we experience during our lives.



Hi, I’m Mr. Martin, or Remco van der Schans (24-02-1989). A born musician, sports fanatic and multi-entrepreneur, I am now fully focused on my musical career.

I’ve been playing and performing since I was five years old, and in 2015 I formed the pop rock band Rascal. With our own songs and covers, we have had great success on stages on the pop circuit and at festivals. Because of the corona pandemic, we had to take a break, but I used this time to think about my future.

The result of this period is that I have been going solo as MrMartin since August 2021. With hundreds of songs in my repertoire and my raw voice, I want to introduce my music to the general public. My style of music is catchy, poppy and includes lyrics from real life, using real instruments a lot. My performances are energetic, interactive and above all: entertaining! I invite the audience to join in with my extroverted, colorful and a tad eccentric personality. It’s time for a big party!

Ever since I was young, I have wanted to touch people with my songs. I want them to enjoy themselves when they feel good and I want to help them in difficult times. I translate my personal experiences and feelings into themes that are recognizable to everyone. My songs connect and can become a precious part of someone’s life.

My songs are accessible, but never banal. I like authentic instruments, played by real musicians and backed by a juicy beat, so I can take the listener on an emotional journey. In addition to my energetic performances, I also have sensitive ballads in my repertoire

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