Papa di Grazzi – Show band

Papa di Grazzi – Show band


minutes Price subject to change:


  • Coverband
  • Duration: 3 x 45 minutes or 1 x 90 and 1 x 45
  • Sound: included
  • Occupancy: 7 people
  • Genre: English / Allround

Papa di Grazzi

Papa di Grazzi has been a high-profile act on the cover circuit for years. Beautiful ladies, short skirts, crazy acts, super musical, extremely versatile, surprising repertoire choice, a top show and ditto sound. Go on like this for a while. All this under the guidance of the Godfather of Party from the Dutch band circuit Papa Albert himself.

Albert is also singer of the hit single O of Melrose at the time. The band will also perform this song again during the show. Tietske and Daniëlle complete the show with their appearance and tight vocals and horns. The experienced band with only top musicians never stops and the energy splashes from the speakers. It is not without reason that this band has been among the top Dutch cover and party bands in terms of bookings and especially impact.

Papa di Grazzi consists of:

Albert Gras (Papa) // Entertainer – singer
Daniëlle Gombert // Saxen – trumpet – vocals
Tietske Folkertsma // Trumpet – vocals
Hendrik Jan de Jong // Guitar – vocals
Anton Strijks // Keys, accordion, vocals
Daniël Hartung // Bas – vocals
Joran Dijkstra // Drums

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