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If one artist has grown tremendously in recent years, it’s Maan. After winning The Voice of Holland, the singer has built a career full of gold and platinum success. And although she still continues to search for her own sound, she is getting a better picture of it.

She has just completed her third club tour. Unlike the first two, which were all about her English-language AM / PM EPs, this time Maan brought a different repertoire. “I have chosen to sing in Dutch, at least for the time being,” explains the singer. “I feel good about that, it is credible and I have the idea that Dutch-language music is almost more popular than ever anyway.” And it soon turned out that it worked: all songs were sung along loudly. And that was exactly Moon’s intention; she even reads her success from how the audience responds. “When everyone is singing, cheering and jumping, I have the feeling that I have done well.” That success is going well anyway; four of the es rooms were sold out, the rest as good as.
The language was not the only change since her previous tours, Maan is also building on the way of making music, together with her band. Where she used to go out with a keyboardist, bassist and drummer, now a guitarist was added. “The music is more organic, it really gives that band feeling. We can jam for as long as we want. So cool! ”

Moon’s Dutch-language adventure began when she was asked by Sevn Alias to contribute to his song In Amsterdam. That would actually be an album track, but eventually became a single that was even awarded with double platinum. Moon was then approached by Ronnie Flex, who made the single Stay With Me. As is known, it became a hit and produced another double platinum single.
Then she got the chance to make a Dutch-language record, through a special collaboration between her own label 8Ball and Top Notch by Kees de Koning. The project started with a writer’s camp with well-known writers, including Anouk, Paul Sinha, Yung Felix, Ramiks and Project Money. “The idea was to go into the studio for a few days and see what would come out,” says Maan. “If it didn’t work, we wouldn’t release anything.” She was a bit nervous, she admits: she still knew Anouk from The Voice of Holland, where the coach was sometimes positive about Maan and sometimes less. Fortunately, it went fine from the first moment: “I believe she appreciated my honesty. This made me feel free and dared to contribute ideas; we really made songs together. ”
What came out was definitely something to release: it became Maan’s first Dutch-language EP Waar Ga Je Heen, which is now gold.

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