Spice Girls Tribute Show

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The Spicey Girls consist of a group of 5 professional singers / dancers who know how to blow the soap very well.
All also act as a solo tribute of various Toppers. A.o. Beyoncë-katy Perry- Madonna-Britney Spears etc.

A combination with these artists is always possible, just like with various male tribute act interpreters.


Spice Girls Tribute Show

In 1996 the Pop Music World was about to change….GINGER, POSH, SPORTY, BABY AND SCARY . . The Spice Girls and ‘Girl Power’ had landed!

Topping the charts in virtually every country in the world, with hits like Wannabe, Spice Up your Life…. Spice Mania was everywhere. The five girls truly ruled the charts selling millions of albums and singles.

The Spice Girls appealed to all age groups, from toddlers to pensioners and what’s more the ‘Spicey Girls’ will recapture that magic of that era for your event.. so if a sing along dance’y tune is the thing for your event, then look no further than The ‘Spicey Girls’.

The Spicey Girls group consists of 5 highly professional  girl singers/dancers, who can perform as Katy Perry-Madonna-Beyonce- and more…

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